Fishing Report 20th May 2015

20 May

James Osgood from Henfield fished the Island pond to land 34 carp from 4lbs to 31lbs including a 16lb carp, two carp at 20lbs, one at 22lbs and a 31lb carp in open water on spam.

Paul/Ashley/Sam from Brighton, Henfield and Worthing fished in open water with Choizo to land thirty carp from 12lbs to  14lbs 10ozs and 13lbs to 22lbs all mainly commons.

Connar James caught fifteen carp from 12lbs to a 21lb common including an 18lb carp on tiger nut boilies.

Connar Delvaux tried the cell in the margins to have two carp at 13lb 8ozs a mirror and common.

Tom Bates from Birmingham also used the cell in the margins for a 17lb 8oz mirror, 10lb common, 5lb mirror.

Issac Dennis caught a 16lb common from the margins.

Mick Dennis used the cell in the margins for a 18lb 8oz common.

Dave Hatton from Horsham fished with a pole to land a 21lb 8oz mirror on prawns.

Tony Ellis from crawley fished in the margins with luncheon meat dipped in curry powder to catch eight carp from 10lb to 15lb.

Fishing Report 28th April 2015

28 Apr

Steve Adams fished open water with cell boilies to land a 14lb mirror, two 10lb commons,  two 9lb commons.

Jason from Brighton fished with sweetcorn on a size 14 hook to catch a 28lb mirror from the Island lake.

Jamie Gastonfrom Smalldole landed a 27lb common on floating bread from the Island lake.

Charlie Knoweldon tried spicey sausage and carp pelleys in the margins of the Island lake for a 8lb 8oz common and a 20lb 6oz mirror.

Chris Gray from Goring had five green tench from 3lb to 5lbs, in open water on crab pellets, also a 15lb common and a 7lb mirror.

Darren Chamberlin from Lancing caught small carp and roach and then was shocked as he landed a 21lb mirror with no bait on his hook as it was dangling in the water.

Bob Legray from Littlehamton used pineapple in open water to catch a 5lb morror and a 28lb 8oz common.

The Tench are now showing from the Island lake one after another in and out the carp, withe some lovely specimen Roach and Rudd from the corner margins.

The corisican pond is producing some lovely crusions and a mixture of nice size carp including a 23lb and a 25lb in the last few weeks, daves pond is fishing well as usual with a mixture of carp, tench, koi and crusions from the reeds on maggot, pellet, sweetcorn and luncheon meat.

Fishing Report 24th April 2015

24 Apr

Mark Bridger from Hove landed a 18lb 13oz common, 12lb common and a 2lb common from the Island pond on strawberry floaters.

Dave Mcginn from Worthing caught a 16lb common on pellet tipped with maggot on hook bait, Daves personal best beating a 10lb carp previous.

Ashley from Worthing fished with krill bait to have a 12lb common and a 10lb common.

Victor from Worthing had a 10lb common on pellet.

Ashley caught a 8lb tench from the Island pond.

Mr Goacher from Burgess Hill fished prawns in the corner margins of the Island pond for a 3lb 8oz perch.

Wayne from Lancing had twelve carp mostly mirrors plus tench on luncheon meat.

Charlie caught a lovely 20lb 6oz carp from the Island pond.

Fish caught recently

22 Apr


Fishing Report 16th April

17 Apr

Mike Fortune from Merstham fished the corsican pond to land a lovely 13lb common on luncheon meat in paprika.
Matt Clarke from Worthing fished the Island pond to catch a 21lb 6oz mirror on 20mm squid boilie with maggots.
Craige Lidbetter from Shoreham had five carp from 3lb to 14lb on spicey sausage.
craige Hunter from Lancing caught four carp from 4lb to an 12lb carp on spicey sausage and halibut prllets.
Kevin Baker from Goring used betane pellets, sweetcorn, tuna/almond Gu to land a 18lb 8oz linea.
Robert Peter Smith from Patcham tried his secret bait to have a 10lb common, 12lb mirror, 4lb mirror and a 24lb common.
Chris Gray from Goring fished the corner of the Island pond to land a 15lb common, 14lb common, two carp at 10lbs and a 3lb perch on pellets.
Mo Flowers from Huntston fished a 24hr to land ten carp at 21lbs, 17lbs, 15lbs and all the others were over 10lb all on cell and pinapple Gu.
Dave Harrock used luncheon meat and sweetcorn/pellets in the corner margins of thec Island pond to have a 16lb mirror and a 22lb mirror.
Dave from Worthing caught a 19lb 8oz common on robin red/pva.
Paul from Waterlooville had a 20lb common, 7lb 8oz common and a 2lb 2oz prrch.
Terry Surrey from Steyning fished the Island pond to have a 20lb mirror and a 22lb mirror.

22lb mirror

22lb mirror

20lb mirror

20lb mirror

Fishing Report 8th April 2015

8 Apr

leigh Offord fished with salty squid and a pva bag full of mixed size halibut pellets to land a 21lb common plusfive carp from 8lb to 13lbs.

21lb common

21lb common

Terry Surrey landed a 18lb common on luncheon meat from the corner margins of the Island pond.
18lb common

18lb common

Fishing Report 2nd April 2015

2 Apr

Oliver Ross from Henfield caught 3 carp, 16lb mirror, 16lb common and a 14lb mirror on luncheon meat from th Island Pond.
Paul White from Worthing landed 22 carp to 17ls 2ozs.
Raygan Harbour Gerrish from brighton caught a 3lb 3oz roach and a 3lb 5oz roach on garlic boilies, halibut pellets and secret bait. Also fishing in open water to have a 12lb common, 15lb 5oz mirror, 10lb 5oz mirror and a tench at 2lb 4ozs.
John Nichols from Horsham caught a 3lb 1oz crusion on sweetcorn, a 14lb 2oz mirror and many roach to 1lb 6ozs from the Island pond.
Carl Jemma from Lancing used the cell for a 19lb common.


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