Fishing Report July 2016

1 Aug

Joe from seaford fished the island lake margins with salty squid boilies to land carp from 7lb to a 20lbs.

Steve from Brighton fished close to the Island with Halibut and salty squid to catch a 23lb mirror, 23lb mirror.

Terry Surrey on his secret bait had a common at 19lb 9ozs.

Somchad Moore had a lovely mirror from the Island lake.





20 Jul

We are open as usual 21st july 7am to 7pm


19 Jul

We will be closed tommorow 20th july due to the weather being so extreme the the fish will get too stressed being handled as we had a power cut today so not much oxygen going in the water as airaters were out of action, we should be open thurs 21st july as usual please check the update on this website  after 7pm tommorow thankyou.


12 Jul

As from Mon 18th of July 2016 you will only be able to fish the Island specimen Lake if you have a cradle insted of a flat landing mat ( padded, inflatable or with a stand is fine ) also a must have is a minimum 14 inch landing net and plus a 42 inch landing net this is because over the years the carp have grown bigger, you maybe fishing for rudd or roach but carp have been accidently caught with no equipment to handle them where they easily slide of a mat being ultra fit.  THANKYOU FOR CARING ABOUT OUR CARP.

Fishing Competition

11 Jul

The fishing competition has been changed from the 20th August to SAT 13th August due to work comittments of those organising the day could all that has entered please re-book by calling 07713468264 sorry for any incovenience.



15 May



8 May

Little George with his 2lb 12oz Perch


2lb 12ozs


Fletch from shoreham with his PB a 16lb mirror.

Terry Surrey with a 3lb perch from the Island Lake margins on prawn.



3lb perch


Ashley Doyle from Portslade fished with the cell to catch fifteen carp from 8lbs to a 21lb common.

Paul Doran from Waterloo caught three perch at 2lb 8ozs, 1lb 4ozs, 2lbs on prawn.


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