3 Jan

Steve Withers from Brighton fished the Island Lake with mussells to land a 3lb 8oz perch then returned to the lake a few days later to catch four more perch all over 2lb 8ozs on prawns.


3 Jan



13 Dec


5 Dec

Mark Lawrence from East Grinstead fished the Island Lake to land twenty three carp from 5lb to a 13lb 8ozs on home made boilies.

Brian Langley-Smith from Mewbury also caught four carp and a perch at 2lb on home made boilies.

Simon Court from Burgess Hill caught twentynine carp from 5lb to 16lbs on FX bait Cream all mirrors, commons, linea and ghoast carp.

Roy Whitwell from Guildford used prawns to catch a toach at 1lb  and a 2lb 10oz perch plus a perch at 2lb 15ozs.

Josh Atree from Hangleton had a 22lb mirror on robin red orange popup.

Louis Olyman caught a 19lb 8oz common with 6lb line on prawn.

Paul Osbourne had a good time landing three mirrors from 6lb to 8lb 4ozs, two mirrors at 9lb and 12lb 12ozs, eight commons at 10lb 6ozs, 9lb 14ozs, 9lb 4ozs, 7lb 4ozs, 5lb, 6lb 6ozs, 4lb 12ozs, 13lb 12ozs.


Fishing Report 19th Nov 2015

19 Nov

Philip Warren from Littlehampton fished open water to catch a 21lb common on Robin Red.

Gordon Polton from Littlehampton also tried Robin Red to catch 18 carp from 5lbs to 13lbs also Gordon fished Prawn over Maggots to land two perch one at 2lbs and the other at 3lb 4ozs.

Robert Baker from Lancing caught his personal best a 21lb 12oz mirror on half a banoffee boilie dipped in marmite.

There are many nice size roach also showing from the Island Lake.

Eric Smith from Shoreham used floating bread to land twenty one carp from 8lbs to a 21lbs.



Vic from Worthing caught his personal best carp an 18lb common from peg 18 of the Island Lake under the tree.


Paul Barker with his 1lb 6oz Roach.





Ths cafe

31 Oct

The cafe will be open as from today 31st oct 2015


29 Oct

As the bad weather has held off a bit we have been quite busy so as from the 7th Nov the cafe will be open sat/sun for breakfast and lunch and mon – fri 1pm 2pm ,and will close at a later date when it gets quiet.


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